One Art Gallery is launching its new brand

One Art Gallery is launching its new brand

CNAA’s partner is launching its new brand in this month.

The newly built website is not only aiming to present the gallery’s professionalism or to improve credibility, but to adapt to the trend of the art world – more and more people have become accustomed to appreciate art online (Instagram is currently the most popular site for individuals to share art). The purpose of rebuilding this website is to achieve the potential of online presentation of art.

We love our physical gallery space where people can stroll along a wall highlighted by artwork,  and enjoy, discuss, argue about the art in front of us. We also like the idea that one can have some authentic art experience without leaving their home (or bed). This website dedicates individual page to each artist we are working with and will rotating the work we have as feature.


>>>One Art Gallery website

Please enjoy your online show and stay tuned – our online shop is coming soon!


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