Archive October 2018

Opening 10 branches till now

So far, Canadian National Academy of Arts has set up 10 branches such as Oil Painting Institute, Sculpture Institute, Music Institute, Stage Theatre, Traditional Opera Institute, Literature Institute, Chinese Painting Institute, Chinese Calligraphy Institute, Art Theory Institute, and Contemporary Art Institute.

Welcome scholars and artists to join us!

At present, dozens of influential scholars and artists from Canada and around the world have joined our organization.

As a non-profit organization, Canadian National Academy of Arts will focus on spreading its multicultural and art fusion, promoting global art and cultural exchanges, serving global artists and enthusiasts, and contributing to the development of human civilization.

Warmly celebrate the establishment of CNAA

On October 7, 2018, Canadian National Academy of Arts was established in Toronto. Canadian National Academy of Arts is a non-profit organization dedicates to multi-arts and multi-culture.

Although Canada is not a richly historied country, its open and inclusive tradition has made Canada the most harmonious, multicultural, and multi-ethnic country in the world. With the development of economic development and the continuous integration of different nationalities and cultures, Canadian art is characterized as ‘all flowers bloom together’, inclusive and accommodating. The establishment of Canadian National Academy of Arts will make a greater contribution to the prosperity and development of Canadian art and culture and human civilization.